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LIH Product Category


  • Air Rotary Die Grinder:The several fields of application are carving, drilling, polishing, grinding and cutting.  Users can arrange wool wheels, mounted pointed to implement working. LIH offers diverse collet size for different working materials and purposes, such as 2.38 mm, 3 mm and 6mm
  • Air Lapper (Turbine Type):LIH pneumatic offers air lapper which can load the most of ceramic stone, diamond file or other polishing and homemade accessories. Our turbine type can output more torque than other brands. Every model provides muti-stroke to users and distributors choose (0.3, 0.7, 0.9, 1.2 mm).
  • Air Lapper (Blade Type):Air lapper of blade type has a natable feature of saving air consumption. This air motor especially suitable for samll air compressor applying. Low vibration and offers shorter stroke (0.15, 0.3, 0.6, 0.7 mm) for those who works detailed processing.

  • Air lapper (Piston Type):This type of air lapper on the characteristics of air compression and spring to achieve the reciprocating working stroke. The piston type is characterized by a large force of reciprocating impact, and can exert the maximum effect in the "file" work. Therefore, in the first stage of deburring, large-scale rust removal, or other tasks that need to be handled by impact force are suitable.
  • Air File Grinder (Left-Right Track):LIH pneumatic has developed a series of product different from the reciprocating type. Left and right pneumatic series is a good tool in the hands of users. The direction of operation of the product is more suitable for processing chamfers and grinding of narrow areas. The left and right series can also be equipped with various grinding or polishing accessories to work, and the left and right stroke is mainly 0.5mm. This series of products can also be said to complement the reciprocating type.

  • Pistol Type Grinder:The appearance of this series of products is mainly gun type. The weight of the air grinders is oriented to the grinding head. During the grinding process, the grinding downforce can be increased invisibly. FX-5 and AF series have a variety of grinding kits to replace, such as: grinding plates of various areas, file holders, and the air volume can be adjusted through the air valve knob below. A wide range of industrial applications can bring different treatment effects.
  • Various abrasive consumables:LIH also provides abrasive accessories for users and distributors to achieve the effect of one-stop purchasing. The main grinding materials are 3mm grinding wheel with handle, 3mm wool wheel with handle, 3mm ceramic grinding rod, diamond file, round small grinding wheel, ceramic stone, oil stone etc ...