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How to use Pneumatic Tools Correctly
  1. What are the benefits of using pneumatic grinder in your working place ? 
    • Pneumatic tool is a kind of power hand tool, which utilizing compressive air to run pneumatic motor. Compared with electric tool, pneumatic tool can be better working in harsh environment and avoiding spark. Pneumatic tool has the uncomplicated structure that is beneficial to maintenance and repair. It is believed pneumatic tool can be a high-efficiency and beneficial device in terms of molding industry and large-scale production industry.
      • Pneumatic tool has a better working convenience and high durable because it doesn’t need electricity controller on site.
      • pneumatic motor is good at continuously working ability and no phenomenon of overheat or burning motherboard.
      • Pneumatic tool can be applied in more complicated working environment, it also has a high water resistance ability. The most importantly, there is no possibility of electric shock.
      • The most of pneumatic tools have same air socket. Thus, adoption cost and maintenance will be more economical and benefit than electric tools when air compressor and pipeline are installed.
  2. How do I maintain tools ?
    • Please verify air compressor which can provide dry and pure air before using tool.
    • It is recommended using FRL (3 in 1 filter) to filter, regulate air pressure  and lubricate. Adopting FRL can extend tool life and protect internal parts.
    • Lubrication: ISO VG 32 (R32). It can be added directly to pneumatic tool or into FRL (3 in 1 filter).
    • Recommending high-usage users should overhaul and renew consumable parts every 3 months. Low-usage users can do same way through in half year or a year. 
    • Every parts and components of LIH pneumatic was processing seriously designed, repeatedly researched and some appointed suppliers. Thus, please contact our local dealers or us if the tools request maintenance or repair. 
    • Please keep the tools on safe place and avoid falling down and humidity. (Some parts are completed heat treatment.) 
  3. Does it have and usage norm about pneumatic tools 
    • Please wear ear muffs, safety glasses, work gloves or other protective equipment before using pneumatic tools.
    • If there installs FRL (3 in 1 filter), please verify air pressure is between 85psi~90psi (5.98~6.33 kg/cm2) and lubrication is 1ml/min.
    • Please check the switches of pneumatic tool and quick coupling are at OFF position firstly, then connect each other. 
    • For your safety, please check abrasive accessories have been tightly locked on pneumatic tool before working.
    • All our pneumatic tools are only designed for industrial purpose. It is not allowed and forbidden to apply on any part of human body.
    • Do not touch abrasive accessories which on pneumatic tools when the tool is operating.