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About LIH Pneumatic

Manufacturer of Industrial-Grade Pneumatic Grinder

Power Perfect was established in 1987, we were working in mold field in the period.

For improving business and mold manufacture, we started engaging in pneumatic tool.


1993, the brand of pneumatic tool “Lih” was set up 

There were many products’ patents applied and issued

In the period, the products of Lih were appointed by many equipment stores and hardware shops in Taiwan because of our techniques and high quality.


From 2000 to 2010, Lih had obtained an outstanding reputation in China, South Korea and South-Eastern area.


Recently, We are still enhancing our products and services

We have sold the products in more than 20 countries worldwide.


Power Perfect has engaged in pneumatic industry for more than 20 years 

We are still focusing on our primary business in next 20 years

We will create and plus more product value and service to worldwide customers 




LIH Pneumatic is committed to the mold industry

Pneumatic Grinding Tool is one of important tools in many industries

Only outstanding tool can support unlimited output

For this, Lih insist every component and module on a high level and quality 



We have been so proud of the manufacturing industry of Taiwan, although we might faced many challenges and difficulties in the past.

But we would never give up, we have been trying so hard to let the world be impressed by the brand tag "MIT".

We are sure that we will keep doing it in the future. 



We have sold and promoted the products in many countries

The quality and trust help us gaining brand reputation from customers and distributors