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ALL Patents of LIH
 Issued Date
 Patent Title
2018.11.30 Swing Track Grinder-CN
2018.07.01  Swing Track Grinder
2015.11.21  Reciprocating Track Pneumatic Grinder with Vibration Function 
2003.11.21  Pneumatic Engraving Tool
2001.12.01  Transmission Structure Improvement of Reciprocating Pneumatic Grinder
2001.07.21  Structure Improvement of Linear Bearing
2001.05.11  Structure Improvement of Swing-Track Pneumatic Die Grinder
1998.09.11 Cylinder Structure Improvement of Pneumatic Die Grinder
1998.09.09 Reciprocating Working Track Pneumatic Tool
1998.07.21 Structure Improvement of Pneumatic  Die Grinder
1998.06.17 Pen-Shaped Pneumatic Die Grinder with Front-Exhaust Function
1996.08.01 Structure of Grinding Wheel of Portable Grinding Tool
1996.04.21 Gun-Shaped Reciprocating Pneumatic Tool
1996.04.11 Swing-Track Pneumatic Grinding Tool
1993.12.01 Adjustable Pneumatic Die Grinder