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Mini air angle grinder (45 Degree, 243g, 19*162mm)



The air angle grinder NAK-45 is a product focusing on surface grinding. The grinding consumables can use small wheels, abrasive cloth or wool polishing pads to work. The body of the main unit is light and lightweight, and has excellent performance on the surface of finer objects. The whole machine uses 5 bearings to maintain operational stability, and the main shaft is fully heat treated to increase the rigidity of the part.


This product series can be applied to mold engraving, metal object grinding, polishing, repair of various materials, crafts grinding, and can also be cut with suitable cutting blades. In addition, the host can also be used with a robotic arm to perform large and fast object processing.

Dimensions:19W×162L (mm)

Weight:243 (g)

Speed:35,000 (rpm) maximum


Chuck:Flat Ø30 (mm)

Air Pressure90 (psi) maximum


NAK-45 1