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Air angle grinder (High-torque with 22,500rpm, 90 degree, 358g)



The high-torque air angle grinder AR-6-90 is a 90-angle grinder that helps users quickly and easily complete their work goals. The cylinder used in this grinder can withstand a pressure of up to 90 psi, which can provide higher grinding torque without interrupting operation. More choices of the diameter of the grinding disc can also use grinding wheels, polishing patches, abrasive cloth or various abrasive materials.


This type of machine has a wide range of applications, and it performs very well for subtle parts or high-precision work. It is suitable for plane polishing, object grinding, mold manufacturing, back-end processing, art processing manufacturing, welding object grinding, or other industries.



Dimensions:29W×170L (mm)

Weight:358 (g)

Speed:22500 (rpm) maximum


Chuck:Disk Ø30 (mm)

Air Pressure:90 (psi) maximum