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Air angle grinder (90 Degree, 200g, 30*158mm)



LIH pneumatic mini air tool AIR-890 is a lightweight and controllable processing and grinding tool. This model uses a cylinder that can withstand 90 psi (maximum) air pressure, faster speed, lighter weight, and can show the high efficiency of the product under a large number of standardized work.


This product uses high-precision and high-quality Japanese bearings and VESPEL high wear-resistant blades, which can withstand long-term and high-pressure work content. Product design emphasizes easy warranty and quick replacement of abrasive consumables.


The products are mainly used in the production of molds, crafts, metal objects, glass chamfering, stone carving, wood renovation, plastic deburring, ceramics and other popular materials.



Dimensions:30W×158L (mm)

Weight:200 (g)

Speed:35000 (rpm) maximum


Chuck:Abrasive Disk Ø30 (mm)

Air Pressure:90 (psi) maximum


AIR-890 氣動刻磨機力全AIR-890 力全氣動