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Extended air die grinder (230mm, 630g, 35,000rpm)



Can be used with different grinding or engraving consumables, such as: grinding rods, wool rods, ceramic grinding rods, diamond grinding rods, hair brushes, tungsten steel grinding rods, non-woven wheels Bevel trimming, stone carving, wood renovation, plastic deburring, ceramics and other popular materials.


The LIH Pneumatic die grinder AIR-767 is a product that lengthens the grinding head. The difference from AIR-757 lies in the full length. This design allows the user to stay away from the processing object during work and avoid sparks or dust generated during work. The extended series has push-type switches and rotary switches. For those who continue to use for a long time, it is more convenient and labor-saving to choose a rotary switch.

Dimensions:34W×230L (mm)

Weight:630 (g)

Speed:35,000 (rpm) maximum


ChuckØ3 & 6 mm (1/8" & 1/4") 

Air Pressure90 (psi) maximum