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Extended air die grinder (260mm, 670g, 35,000rpm)



LIH Pneumatic extended  pneumatic die Grinder AIR-757 is a product with an extended grinding head. This design allows users to stay away from processed objects during work and avoid sparks or dust during work. The extended series has push-type switches and rotary switches. For those who continue to use for a long time, it is more convenient and labor-saving to choose a rotary switch.


Can be used with different grinding or engraving consumables, such as: grinding rods, wool rods, ceramic grinding rods, diamond grinding rods, hair brushes, tungsten steel grinding rods, non-woven wheels Bevel trimming, stone carving, wood renovation, plastic deburring, ceramics and other popular materials.


Dimensions:34W×260L (mm)

Weight:670 (g)

Speed:35,000 (rpm) maximum


Chuck:Ø3 & 6 mm (1/8" & 1/4") 

Air Pressure:90 (psi) maximum