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Air straight die grinder (190mm, 369g, 6mm collet)



The pneumatic die grinder of 6mm collet size is applied to all kinds of mold materials, crafts, metal objects, glass chamfering, stone carving, wood renovation, plastic deburring, ceramics and other popular materials.


Cylinder Engraving and Grinding Machine Series is different from the 3mm chuck product in that the torque is enhanced, it can perform a larger processing area, and the bearing capacity in work is stronger. The collet chuck is mainly 6mm, and 3mm can be replaced to handle small details. It is more widely used in general industry. The main switch is also a rotary type and a push type is also available.

Dimensions:34W×190L (mm)

Weight:369 (g)

Speed:28000 (rpm) maximum


Chuck:Ø3 & 6 mm (1/8" & 1/4") 

Air Pressure:90 (psi) maximum