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Pneumatic mini die grinder (18*154mm, 168g)



All LIH products use Japanese bearings (some German bearings). Some rotary die grinders use blades made of DuPont Vespel material. They have high abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, and chemical resistance polymer materials. All core materials have rigidity enhancement processing.


LIH pneumatic rotary die grinder can be used with different grinding or engraving consumables, such as: grinding rods, wool rods, ceramic grinding rods, diamond grinding rods, hair brushes, tungsten steel grinding rods, non-woven wheels, to make various molds, crafts Production, metal objects, glass chamfering, stone carving, wood renovation, plastic deburring, ceramics and other popular materials.

Dimensions:18W×154L (mm)

Weight:168 (g)

Speed:80000 (rpm) maximum


Chuck:Ø3 & 2.38 mm (1/8" & 3/32")

Air Pressure:90 (psi) maximum